Bespoke Massage

We offer a unique approach to massage and have a highly skilled team who offers a diverse array of choices to meet your needs.

Nubia Dantas- Loved by Vogue for her Brazilian massage. Nubia is a sought after masseuse whose methodology combines deep pressure and soft tissue techniques. Nubia is currently in her masters degree of Osteopathy. Her talents lie in sports massage, lymphatic, remedial and pregnancy massage, For those who enjoy a very firm pressure Nubia is the one for you.

Leo Dos Santos- Native to Brazil Leo specialises in sports massage, Chinese medicine, reflexology, cupping, Gua Sha. Tuina and Auriculotherapy. His combined approach can aid and assist the body in many ways, such as metabolism, pain relief and systemic healing. Leo is also a pilates and Qigong instructor.

Antonia Curling-With over 16 years of experience in body work and anatomy  Antonia draws on her experience in multiple techniques to create a tailored treatment. Antonia also specialises in Myofascial release which aids in treating anything from scar tissue, headaches, backpain and restricted movement.


60 minutes / £115

75 minutes / £130

90 minutes / £150


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