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The ultimate winter wellness offering
Image by Tony Ross
Time: 55mins | Price: £145 (launch price) 

The Biomagnetic Oxygen Restorer is the pinnacle of holistic and technological fusion. Engineered to simultaneously enhance both our mental and physical health. 


Designed to reset the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS), biomagnetic technology, pressotherapy and near infra-red energy are layered to target the all important Vagus Nerve. This clever messenger is what connects the gut with the brain, and when taken care of keeps our mind, body and skin in check. 


Leave the stress of the outside world at the treatment door as you lie back on the exquisite heated Medicrystal Mat. Near infra-red is emitted from the crystals helping to aid symptoms of SAD, as well as alleviate muscle pain and enhance vasodilation. Legs are snugly tucked into the signature Body Ballancer for both relaxation and lymphatic drainage benefits. A hyperbaric Oxygen Dome takes care of the face, with a continuous flow of 97% oxygen sculpting, regenerating skin cells, fighting acne-causing bacteria and rebalancing pH levels. To finish a burst of oxygen infused serum leaving your skin both glowing and behaving from the inside out. 


Expect to leave the clinic with a new sense of tranquillity, as your body has been restored to a normal systemic rhythm. Transporting you from a ‘fight or flight’ mentality to a new state of ‘rest and digest’. 

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