Peel Guide

Acne Peel and LED / 60mins / £180
Deep cleaning treatment combining peels with + extractions + blue and red light therapy to prevent and heal active acne + Gua Sha drainage to eliminate toxins.

Blue Diamond Peel and LED / 40mins / £130

Lactic and Blue Diamond peel to instantly brighten dull, polluted London skin. Combined with infra-red and red light for cellular rejuvenation. To finish, a leave-on urban anti-oxidant treatment for a long lasting glow.                                                                           

Pigmentation Bespoke Service

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Targeting pigment needs to be a slow and patient process to achieve longer lasting results. A treatment peel combined with a night-time de-pigmentation treatment will achieve optimum results without having to use risky lasers or machines. Recommended for melasma and post-inflammatory acne marks.                                                                                                                                             


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