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The Future is Wild
Time: 70mins | Price: £220
60mins | Price: £180

Esse Skincare uses biotechnology at its finest. Resetting your skin back to its natural state through rewilding with microbiome management - the future for healthy uncompromised skin.

With this treatment we are able to reduce the damaging effects of inflammation, treat acne and bring your skin back to optimal health.

Our current lifestyles have changed and somewhere along the line you may have used the wrong skincare  product, stress may have increased and general polluted living may have shifted your skins natural state. Your customised treatment will include deep cleaning, extractions (if needed), hydration gel infusion with nano-current and galvanic, lymphatic massage, infra-red light therapy,  live probiotic microbiome treatment with the exclusion mask.


The Clarifying Live Facial includes the application of our latest Clarifying Range at the end of the treatment to fight acne development.



The hardest part of being a facialist is creating that reconnection of health back to skin.

Your skin has everything it needs to function properly and give you less stress if you treat it correctly.

Restoring the skins microbiome back to its wild or natural state, to treat acne is one of the simplest steps you can take.

A strong healthy population of bacteria on the skin will prevent the key acne causing bacteria from causing inflammation and therefore acne development.

Lactobacillus is a genus of bacteria that has been proven to hydrate the skin, reduce inflammation, produce hyaluronic acid, reduce hyperkeratinisation (skin cell thickening) and improve the entire overall functioning of the skin.

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