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Gel Cleanser


Gel Cleanser


    100ml / 200ml


    A foaming, tingling wash that deep cleanses without drying. Peppermint and Spearmint oils refresh and improve micro-circulation to aid in the elimination of toxins. African Aloe extract exhibits soothing properties.


    99% Natural

    70% Organic

    100% Vegan

    100% Cruelty Free

    339g Carbon Offset (100ml pack)

    561g Carbon Offset (200ml pack)



    There is a complex ecosystem of microbes that live on the surface of skin. The way in which skin is cleansed is one of the most important aspects in ensuring a healthy microbial environment exists. We have used ultra-mild surfactants that do not strip the natural lipid barrier of the skin. Harsh cleansing opens up the skin to the opportunistic, non-beneficial microbes that accelerate ageing.


    Active Treatment:
    This foaming, tingling wash deep cleanses without drying the skin.
    African Aloe Vera exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and regulates immune function

    Mild, biodegradable, plant-based foaming agents create a luxury lather that feels refreshing and stimulating, but does not dry or strip the skin.

    Spearmint, Peppermint, Caraway, and Rosemary deliver a distinctive fresh fragrance.

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