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Sensitive Toner


Sensitive Toner




    This toner for sensitive skin contains probiotic extracts and prebiotic nutrients to support a state of equilibrium in the skin’s microbiome. Gentle, moisturising ingredients improve skin hydration.


    99% Natural

    95% Organic

    100% Vegan

    100% Cruelty Free

    342g Carbon Offset


    With advanced level probiotic extracts this toner protects against external aggressors by strengthening barrier function. Lactobacillus probiotics stimulate the production of antimicrobial peptides that shift the ecology of your skin microbiome.


    Prebiotics from Yacon Root feed the correct microbes and strengthen their ability to fend off opportunistic pathogens.


    This product may be used throughout the day to calm and hydrate.


    Key Actives:
    Prebiotics – Inulin and Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharides are prebiotics that feed beneficial microbes at the expense of less desirable opportunistic species.


    Probiotics – Lactobacillus & Lactobacillus Ferment: both these probiotic extracts are included for the functional differences they make to the microbiome and for the way in which they alter the environment on the skin to encourage a protective microbial balance.


    Aloe Vera and Lactic Acid are hydrating and moisturising for sensitive skin types.

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